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whatsapp plus apk latest version

WhatsApp Plus Apk download has video call feature and many privacy options available in the latest update for WhatsApp Plus for Android, such as: increasing the number of characters in status, and the possibility to hide notifications and the feasibility to send larger video size and audio file without worry, and send ebooks and You Can set password for chats.
WhatsApp Plus Apk latest version is one most famous and most used apps that are used to exchange messages globally. Your friends may be surprised when you are talking with , and you are offline you have modified features in the app and its settings, and add the additional features you are viewing for a while maintaining the original show in WhatsApp.

whatsapp plus apk download
WhatsApp Plus apk uptodown is one of the best for Android. These mod provides some exceptional feature that goes missing in the official version of the app. The message is sent directly to WhatsApp servers in the same way original WhatsApp to do.
WhatsApp Plus Apk have video call feature and many privacy options accessible in the latest update for WhatsApp Plus for Android, such as: increasing the number of letters in rank, and the possibility to hide notifications and the possibility to send bigger video size and audio file without worry and send e-books .and You Can set password for chats.
It provides many unique features such as last seen hide, sending huge files, video calls and much more. Additional features of WhatsApp Plus allows you to share all kinds of audio files, videos, images, etc.

whatsapp plus apk uptodown


WhatsApp plus apk ultima version is possible for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and more. Those phones can all message each other. It is mainly proposed at all those users that are not fully satisfied with the latter, and that easily use it because everybody else does so too. even if there are other alternatives of the equals of Telegram that may be better.
It has some really interesting and cool features that will make you addicted to this mod preferably of the official Whats App plus apk indir. You can experience many wonderful features like hiding blue ticks, online status and amazing theme mods which official app won’t let you use ever. It has taken an important role in everyone’s life. We use WhatsApp couple of hours daily for many purposes likes chattering with friends, group business chats, calling, etc. WhatsApp has many amazing traits, but some features are restrained which is very annoying.


some additional features;

  • Change the colors of the interface or the size of the fonts to your own liking.
  • Send large audio/video files.
  • Download and send photos with their original quality.
  • Quick dividing functions.
  • Partial copy and paste: select part of the text you need to copy and paste and send it to your
  • friends.
  • Cover your profile picture.
  • Check connection times and states from the chat screen.
  • Now you can be sent Auto reply with WhatsApp plus.
  • Privacy Mods for hiding last seen, second tick, blue tick, online status & much more.
  • You can recall & schedule your Whatsapp messages using WA Plus.
  • Video Call – Do unlimited video calls with your friends and families.
  • Customization Mods Added Style your WhatsApp the way you like.
  • Make group invite links using WA Plus & let the people join through them.
  • Change default WhatsApp launcher icon with WA Plus.
  • Share HD video with your friends without losing quality.
  • lock your WhatsApp without using any app lock.
  • Disable voice calls for all your WhatsApp contacts.
  • Share your themes with your friends & community..
  • Status limit increased to 255 characters.
  • Different status for individual contacts.
  • Get notified of friend’s online status.
  • Chat backup while uninstalling.
  • Copy anyone’s status to the clipboard.
  • Much more to discover.

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