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torrent search engine apk

Torrent Search Apk engine apk is the best application to search for the torrent with your smartphone. To download content, all you have to do is find and download the file you want to play using your ‘tracker’ or favorite Internet browser, and then select it from the app itself. You can also use magnet links to load the torrent directly. It is a comprehensive app for finding and downloading new torrents. It gives them a greater reach.

torrent search apk android

Torrent Search Apk android is an app for Android smartphones for downloading files from torrent servers. Using this application, you can download files of any size directly to your smartphone or tablet without having to visit potentially dangerous host sites. Torrent Search Apk engine apk download is a useful torrent download tool. It has a smooth interface that anyone can figure out how to use. Through this tool, you can limit the WiFi network or even pause the downloads automatically whenever your device isn’t plugged in. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

torrent search engine pro apk

Torrent Search Apk Features:

  • Search any torrent.
  • Live text suggestions in the search bar.
  • Copy or share torrent links.
  • Copy the magnet to the clipboard, or open it directly with your favorite torrent client.
  • Filter content based on different criteria.
  • Choose search provider in Settings.
  • Select the magnet from different sources.

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