Third Party App Stores You Need To Know

Latest Third-Party Android App Stores

Today, many people in the world, using android mobile phones. Maybe you too must be one of them. The official app store to download apps to Android smartphones is the Google Play Store. It contains millions of apps and games. Some of these are free to download, but you have to pay for many apps. Payments should be made by our CC or DC to download paid apps. You also need to purchase the PRO version of the software to unlock the full version of the apps and remove ads. And most of the games and apps will be limited to download from the Google Play Store and this is one of the best third-party app stores.

Maybe you too have faced these problems. But do not worry. We present a solution to this. There are many alternative app markets to replace the Google Play Store. These alternative apps markets can download all paid apps free of charge. It’s also available in alternative markets through hacked, tweaked, cracked versions and modded Apps that can not be obtained through the official app market. All of these apps can be purchased from these alternative markets without any payment. So you can choose one of the following app markets and download the free Android app.




Aptoide can be called an app store where you can download any kind of android application. Especially, the banned apps on the Google Play Store can be found on this platform. When the app is opened, it’s sorted by all app ratings on its homepage. Therefore, users can easily find the application they want. This app has about 300,000 apps uploaded by users. Because this app created a store for users to sell their apps. When you update this application, all enhancements will automatically appear on the screen. You can choose whether to accept or reject them.

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Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a device that enables users to answer some quick surveys and earn a real-time Google Play credit. It’s very easy to use. Before downloading apps from apps, you have to answer a few simple questions. This app will provide you surveys once a week. This is equivalent to buying the app without paying the money. So if you would like to enjoy these features, you can also try Google Opinion Rewards.


Recommended apps introduced by AppGratis can be downloaded for free at a lower price. Through this, you can download any application you want free of charge. By installing this application, you can also gain access to updates.

APK Mirror

APK Mirror is a slightly different app market than other app markets. It is not used to store applications. It is designed to be used by Android Police as a repository. Its users publish APK in new versions of popular apps. This is the fastest way to update the applications you need.


F-Droid is the biggest app store with android apps. It provides a large number of applications for smartphones and tablets, all of which are provided free of charge and are based on open source. Most apps to get paid in google play store, can get free of charge on this platform. Over the course of this application store, over 1,500 applications can be found based on the open source code.

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha can be called the best alternative application market instead of the Google Play store. Android apps and games have a very large collection of these apps. The most important thing is that all applications can be downloaded completely for free. It’s also not necessary to have any registration when downloading apps. It’s a very simple user interface, so it’s easy for anyone to use. It’s a very light one that can be used with any Android version and this is considered to be the best third party app stores 

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground can be called a special platform that can download free App / Games. By accessing this application, you can download any application or game without spending a single cent. This all downloads are 100% legal. It is also download a high quality software like the Monument Valley game.


ACMarket Apk is an easy-to-use app store for downloading android apps and games for free. There are also cracked and hacked apps that cannot be downloaded through google play store, can be downloaded through this platform. It’s easy for users to use because it’s a very simple interface. ACMarket has become popular among many for a reliable platform to download any Android app or game free of charge. Those were the third party apps stores.



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