How to Run Windows 10 Through USB flash drive

How to Run Windows 10 Through USB flash drive

Now-A-Days Everyone has desktops or computers set up according to our individual choices or requirements such as the system settings, Save location of files and set of applications/programs installed. Most probably all the Linux distributions help you to carry your work files or work environment in a USB Flash drive and can run on any computer. This can also be possible with the Windows 10 also run it on any computer directly by the use of USB flash drive and this due to the Windows to Go Functionality and seriously we should be very thankful for this functionality as it makes our work easier. And I will give you the tutorial to run Windows 10 from USB, At first before we take a look of the tutorial there are the requirements to the hardware and software needed.


Requirements before beginning:

Initially, before you start creating a portable Windows 10 installation on a USB flash drive, you need to follow the basic requirements(hardware and software) which are listed below.

1)You need to have a USB 3.0 flash drive of at least 16GB or more capacity according to your individual convenient.

2)Next thing you must have Windows 10 ISO file(or installation disc)

3)WinToUSB, a freeware (more on this in the next section) utility installed on the computer.

Download WinToUSB


Follow the steps carefully if not followed there may be issues, This is done at your own risk we are not responsible for Any loss.

How to install Windows 10 on USB flash drive With the help of WinToUSB
In order to create a portable copy of Windows 10 on the USB flash drive, We need to use the free version of WinToUSB utility. We have a large number of advantages by using this such as to create Windows To Go flash drives by the non-supported versions of Windows and also to create an identical copy of the existing Windows installation as a digital workspace on the USB flash drive.

Here is the complete description/tutorial to how to use WinToUSB to install Windows 10 on USB flash drive:

Step1: At first, install and run WinToUSB and specify the location of the Windows 10 installation disc and then click on next.

Step 2: you need to select the USB flash drive which is already plugged-in and then the program will format the drive. Later in the following step, You need to select the flash drive as both system and boot partition and hit Next to start copying Windows 10 to the USB flash drive.

Step 3: You should wait for a couple of minutes till the Windows 10 is installed to the USB drive and then after the process is ended, you are able to use this flash drive to boot and run a portable and fully functional copy of Windows 10 on any computer.

Important things to remember

*When you are about to boot up Windows 10 off the USB flash drive for the first time, You have to do a bit of setting which includes things like setting the User account information such as (username or password) and once configured, all these settings are get saved on the USB flash drive and no need of configuring them again.

*In general, Whenever we use the portable Windows 10 installation on any new system/computer, the operating system(OS) automatically searches for the best default drivers for the connected hardware and it might take a few minutes before you start working on the computer.

You shoud not miss to read this above step as this is very important one, so read all the things carefully and follow the steps

Some of the possible issues

There might be some issues you may come across due to the technicalities involved in running the operating system and some of the issues are given below.

Reduced performance

These USB flash drives are sometimes incapable of handling the OS and also the internal disk drives. So it’s not expected for the general performance to gets a little variance sometimes when Windows 10 is installed on Slower USB 2.0 flash drives.

Driver problems

Though the portable Windows 10 can automatically search for best drivers on your desktop, sometimes there may be a chance of missing of one or more drivers.

Alright, this is the tutorial on how to run Windows 10 USB flash drive and for any queries please let us know in the comment session below.

Other than these there will be no problems but make sure you download and install in a proper way and follow the steps clearly. For other stuff just follow our blog and share with your friends

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