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Best Offline Android Games Free For Android

There are lots of Games Available on the Play store but most of them are online based nothing but in order to play those games you need an active internet connection but here in this article I will Provide you the best offline android games free available on the google play store.

Best Offline Android Games Free For Android

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia

The number one in my list is mini militia which was the most popular game back then but now because of PUBG effect but I must say this game rocks every time and has a large number of crazy fans as PUBG is an online game but mini militia is an offline game where you can create a room of your friends and start playing opposite to them, This is a very entertaining game and many people love to play this game despite other online games and this game is definitely an awesome offline game. So getting more into the topic about what actually this mini militia is let me tell you it is a multiplayer combat game where you can play up to 6 players either online or by connecting wifi hotspot, Yes this has an online gameplay but you can also play this on offline. This game has different maps and robotic attacks etc, You have many weapons like different kinds of guns, Grenade’s etc, you can change your avatar but you have to purchase this online, basically the concept of this game is you are provided with the weapons which should be found by you, You have to find the weapons and kill the enemies you can swap the weapons of your enemies also but you will be provided with only two weapons and one grenade section. This is completely the most enjoyable game if you play with your friends which adds more fun, This app is directly available on the google play store just follow the button below.

Best Android Games

Helix Jump

The next one is helix jump, even though it is a small game it gives you more fun sometimes addictive too, So the gameplay of this game is really simple you will be provided with a ball which is bouncing always all you need to do is make sure that the surface you land must match the color of the ball which means if you have blue color ball then land that ball only on blue color surface otherwise game over.The game looks simple but hard to play as the level increases the difficulty level also increases. This game is rated 4.3 out of 5 Star rating and is directly available on the google play store just click the below button to get this game.

best Android Games

Happy Glass

The next one in the list of best offline android games free for Android is happy glass, this is the most entertaining game ever and most creative one too. This game requires your general thinking knowledge, The game concept is you will have an empty glass which is sad obviously because of no water so you need to draw a line from the pipeline to the glass in such a way that your glass is filled with water and don’t let the glass fall down. Many of the people think it is easy but it is not. The game is directly available on the google play store with a 4.3-star rating below are some of the features discussed below


  • It contains a simple puzzle which looks easy but very challenging.
  • You will have a large number of levels coming up.
  • A complete dynamic mechanism.
  • one among the best offline android games free For Android

Best Android Games

World Cricket Championship 2

This is one of the best offline game ever you won’t feel bored anytime, anywhere and this game is for all those cricket fans out there. This game has some realistic controls like the batting skills, the way every player plays their favorite shots. the fielding looks almost real and the crowd reactions make you feel like you are actually in the ground and the commentary too. the players in this game are customizable and the animations of the shots like an uppercut, helicopter shot etc are really amazing. You also have tournaments going on, Test matches, One day International, T20 etc. You can choose the ground dry, wet or windy etc. You can save the highlights of some of your awesome shots in the game. Overall this is a nice game and a must for cricket fans. the following are the features provided.


  •  DLS method is available when the rain suddenly interrupts the play.
  • There are many tournaments to enjoy for free and come under best offline android games free For Android.
  • LBW, Edge click is also be checked in the electronic machine just similar to the real game.
  • There are 11 tournaments, T20 World cup, ODI Cup, Hot events, T20 cup, Test matches etc.
  • You can select the 11 player team and edit them according to their performance which involves spinners, pacers etc.
  • Awesome fielding efforts will be seen on the ground as well as there are 2 umpires and a 3rd umpire along with the toss section.

Just click the below button you will be directed to the official google play store and this is also one among the best offline android games free for Android.

Best Android Games

Score! Hero

The last one in the list is Soccer hero, This is almost everyone’s favorite game and everyone had played this game at least once. This game is especially for all the football lovers or fans. It contains a 3d animations of shooting the football and the game mainly focuses on the bend shots, penalty shots etc, You will be given chance until your opponent gets the ball, If the opponent gets the ball the game over you have to play that round again. Following are the features are given below and this also comes under best offline android games free for Android


  • Very simple to play but little bit tough to pro.
  • The customization of the player with its unique shots is allowed.
  • More than 500 levels are present and include events, trophies etc.
  • You can also connect to your friends on FaceBook and play against them.

The game is Awesome you will love the game once you start playing it and the game is available directly on the google play store with a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

Best Android Games

Alright, that was about the best offline android games free available on the google play store, All the games provide are completely free available on the google play store.



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